• 6 Questions to Ask Before Partnering With a Media Buying Agency

    Partnering with a media buying agency as a trusted partner can be a game-changer for any business. Not only can they guide you through the complex ecosystem of advertising, but they can also help you achieve higher ROIs through exclusive ad placements and better rates.  

    However, finding the right media buying agency can be tricky — with so many agencies offering similar services and prices, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve compiled a list of six key questions to keep in mind as you meet with prospective vendors.

    1.  Do they have experience buying media in my industry?

    Most media buying agencies specialize in particular industries, such as entertainment, finance, or travel. Having this niche means they benefit from the latest industry trends and deeper insights into strategic best practices for companies similar to yours. You also want to ensure that they have expertise in the media types most relevant to your business, whether that’s digital (e.g., search, streaming audio, paid social media, streaming TV, display, or native) or traditional (e.g., broadcast TV, cable, radio, out-of-home billboards, or print).

    So, make sure to request each prospective media buying agency’s references, testimonials, or case studies from existing clients in your industry — which should ideally include a clear challenge, the solution they provided, and data-backed results.

    2.  What is their media buying process?

    Media buying is no simple endeavor — research, planning, negotiating, insertion orders, budget allocation, tracking, and optimizations are just some of the many steps throughout the process. Ideally, your prospective media buying agency will dive into some of these steps in greater detail, demonstrating that they approach every campaign strategically. If they provide recommendations as to what media mix would work best for your business when outlining these steps, that’s even better.

    3.   Do they offer additional services?

    Beyond media buying itself, ask whether they offer additional services such as localization of brand materials, copywriting, or production services. Hiring a full-service agency can save you time and effort otherwise spent managing multiple vendors.

    4.  What technologies do they use to power your processes?

    As you chat with prospective agencies, make sure to dive into the technologies that support their media buying process. An experienced media buying agency will ideally have in-house software, integrations, and tools that:

    • Let them target custom audiences via keywords, competitor sites, first-party data custom AI audiences, industry-specific segments, and contextual information
    • Attribute results based on custom conversions, reach, and footfall, and use analytics to scale and optimize each campaign
    • Allocate budgets in an optimized way by ensuring media efficiency across media partners
    • Protect against fraud and authenticate ad delivery

    5.  How do they handle reporting?

    Reporting is one of the most important aspects of media buying — after all, it’s the key to knowing how your campaign is performing and how you can tinker with it for better results.

    A reputable media buying agency will meet with you regularly to provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t, as well as recommend the next steps for each campaign. So, ask about how your prospective media buying agency handles reporting, including:

    • What data they offer (e.g., reach, impressions, or cost-per-click)
    • The frequency with which data in the analytics dashboard is refreshed
    • How they track KPIs and compare results across creatives

    6.  What media partnerships do they have?

    Strong media relationships are the bread and butter of every media buying agency — the impact of an agency’s trusted reputation with media vendors can go a long way in helping you achieve the results you need.

    These partnerships can boost buying power as well. Your media buying agency should be able to negotiate better rates and unlock exclusive access to placements unavailable to brands themselves.

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    Remember: your media buying agency is a partner in your success — that’s why conducting thorough research and asking comprehensive questions is crucial to finding the best fit.

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