• Golden Opportunities: Time to Get Social During the Summer Olympics

    The Summer Olympics: A global spectacle that is expected to draw more than 3 billion viewers worldwide. This event only comes once every four years, so how can you capitalize on this rare advertising opportunity?

    Our advice is to be where people will be routinely checking for updates…which sounds like social media, right?

    “Nearly “70 percent of Gen Z and Millennial fans worldwide prefer to keep up with sports on social media”.

    Areal photo of Olympic stadium
    Phone with instagram post of olympics sculpture

    Social media platforms thrive on real-time interactions, making it one of the best channels to engage with current events and trending topics during the Olympic Games.

    Of course, step one is understanding your audience and who it is you want to target.

    Determine which demographic groups are most likely to engage with Olympic content and align your messaging accordingly. Whether it’s millennials inspired by athletic prowess, or families celebrating international unity, you can tailor your content to resonate with their interests and values.

    “Gen Z has the highest percent of audience interested in the Summer Olympics (65%).”

    • Millennials (61%)
    • Baby Boomers (58%)
    • Gen X (57%)
    Source: The Trade Desk Intelligence x YouGov Sports Fan Study

    While gymnastics is a top event for Baby Boomers (61% planning to watch) and Gen X (49% planning to watch), swimming is a top sport for younger generations and Track and Field is a top event for men.

    A recent update from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has moved towards a more open approach to social media use by athletes participating in the games. In contrast to past Olympics, where athletes’ ability to post was tightly regulated, the updated 2024 guidelines offer much more freedom, ushering in a new era of digital interaction and personal storytelling directly from the athletes.


    Swimmer in the summer Olympics

    So what does this mean? For fans, this means unprecedented access to athletes’ real-time thoughts and emotions, keeping them interested in their feed and checking for updates.

    What does this mean for advertisers? Enhanced attention on social feed means more engagement, which means more viewers for your ads on social platforms!

     “In 2022, the Winter Olympics in Beijing drew an international audience exceeding 2 billion viewers

    BBC Sports

    And this year, the Summer Olympics are expected to draw even more. When as many as 3 billion viewers are tuning into one global event, utilizing a channel where people will constantly be checking for updates/results could be a golden opportunity for advertising this season.

    That’s a win for advertisers, and hopefully, lot’s of wins for Team USA!