• Why Core Company Values Matter

    All too often, marketing teams get inundated with day-to-day tasks without taking a step back to consider the million-dollar question: why do we do what we do?

    Core company values aren’t just buzzwords to spice up your website and attract prospects; they’re the north star that builds team culture, determines how your company achieves its desired business outcomes, and, ultimately, is the secret sauce that makes your clients choose you.

    Why Core Company Values Matter

    A staggering 82% of consumers want brands’ values to align with their own, while 75% say they’ve parted ways with companies that have conflicting values. We’ve seen this play out in the market time and time again — last year, when Patagonia’s founder donated the company to climate change-related projects and organizations, the internet exploded with praise, with consumers vowing to support the company over its competitors.

    For agencies and B2B brands, core company values can still have a significant impact by:

    Establishing company culture. This fosters a sense of belonging, engagement, and purpose for employees (rather than feeling like cogs in a machine), which improves retention in the long run.

    Supporting recruitment efforts and finding like-minded new employees. Today’s job-seekers aren’t just attracted to competitive compensation and benefits — they want to do work that matters with coworkers and leaders they trust and enjoy collaborating with.

    Finding potential clients. When you have established clear company values, you’ll attract new clients who share similar beliefs, goals, and visions.

    Boosting brand recognition. With many companies offering the same services and products, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is with company values that cover the “hows” and “whys” of your business, not just the “whats.”

    Power Marketing’s
    Company Values

    It’s important to evaluate your values to make sure they are up-to-date as your company evolves. Because Power Marketing has been helping brands with their advertising needs for over 30 years, we decided to release our refreshed company values last year 

    The process of determining our new core values was straightforward. We knew we had to stick to what felt authentic, rather than create a set of lofty proclamations that didn’t align with our employees. Because we know we hire incredible people, we looked at their shared traits and asked ourselves, “What makes Power Marketing so special?”

    Here are the core values our team landed on:

    Be responsive. Teammates and clients can count on you to respond promptly, move projects forward, and follow up as needed.

    Be knowledgeable. Understand your general job responsibilities and continually seek to learn more; ask for resources, training, or learning opportunities as needed.

    Be genuine and transparent. Authentically communicate honestly with team members and clients with constructive and positive intent.

    Be caring. Genuinely care about the people and the work that you do.

    Ultimately, our values stem from one belief: We’re here to cultivate a company that respects people — whether they’re employees, clients, or partners — above all else. At the end of the day, it isn’t just about launching, managing, and optimizing fantastic campaigns for our clients, but rather it’s about doing impactful work with talented people.

    That said, core company values are never set in stone — as our work, team, and culture evolve, we fully expect to expand on our current values.

    See Our Company Values in Action

    If these company values resonate with you, Power Marketing could be the perfect partner to help you take your marketing goals to the next level.