• 3 New TikTok Trends Your Entertainment Brand Can Hop On

    In just six years, TikTok has become a wildly popular social media platform beloved by all ages, with a particular hold on Gen Z and millennial audiences. TikTok’s appeal to younger users makes the app a powerful entertainment marketing tool for reaching new customers. To use TikTok effectively, you have to be in the know on the app’s latest trends in order to achieve virality. Here are three trends that are taking off right now and how your organization can create content for each.

    3 TikTok Trends for Entertainment Marketing

    Though trends come and go, these overarching themes seem to stick around on TikTok — it’s just a matter of keeping up with the latest version to see how your entertainment company can put your own little spin on it.

    @amandadayhoff Backstage at 1776 on a Sunday with the 1776 National Tour. #wesanderson #theater #standby #broadway #tour ♬ original sound – CONTENT CREATION TIPS

    1. Matching Popular Aesthetics

    TikTok is, at its core, a rudimentary video editing platform — but savvy creators have used more complex software to replicate certain styles and aesthetics for visually stunning results. Brands can learn a bit from how eye-catching visuals generate serious interest.

    For example, a popular trend right now is the “Wes Anderson” trend, calling on the famous director’s propensity for symmetry and vibrant coloring to essentially “Anderson-ify” everyday life. Already, brands have tested out replicating the look, and entertainment companies in particular would benefit from promoting their visual medium via a trend like this.


    @strazcenter Announcing the 23-24 Broadway Season at The Straz! #straz #strazcenter #broadway #angelabassettdidthething #arianadebose #beetlejuice #choirofman #clue #company #funnygirl #leamichele #girlfromthenorthcountry #jesuschristsuperstar #lesmis #lesmiserables #moulinrouge #Mrsdoubtfire #peterpan #bookofmormon ♬ original sound – BAFTA

    2. Embracing Sounds

    A popular tool on TikTok is the use and repetition of popular “sounds,” which can be anything from an audio clip in an interview to a snippet of a popular song. Recently, TikTok even announced the launch of a “Sounds for Business” tool that lets brands sift through, collect, and license certain sounds for their own purposes.

    These “audio memes” are a huge part of virality on TikTok. If your marketing can leverage these bits to jump on growing trends, you’ll insert yourself into these spaces and be seen by more potential customers.


    @emilykristenmorris Standing by has taught me soooo much about patience and surrendering to the unknown. It’s a challenging job, but it’s also INCREDIBLY rewarding. Special appearance by standby sis @jennydinoia !!! #wicked #wickedthemusical #elphaba #defyinggravity #musicaltheater #nationaltour #broadway #actor ♬ Defying Gravity – Instrumental – Piano Tribute Players

    3. Bringing Viewers Along “With Me”

    TikTok content often takes viewers along for an abridged version of certain daily activities. Trends like “Get Ready With Me” (or GRWM) show people picking out outfits or makeup styles for the day, while “day in the life” videos are also common and popular.

    Creating your own “with me” videos from an entertainment marketing lens could mean giving potential audiences a glance behind your organization or theater venue’s (literal and figurative) curtain. Imagine a sneak peek of the cast getting ready for a show, the crew setting up props and sets, or other fun inside looks at what makes your performances possible.

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