• 5 Marketing Strategies to Draw Out-of-State Tourists to Your Resort

    From family vacations, to romantic getaways, to thrilling outdoor adventures, ski resorts offer unique opportunities for locals and out-of-state visitors alike to create memories that last a lifetime. But for ski resorts to position themselves as tourist destinations and draw customers from all over the country, or even the world, people have to know they exist. Attracting out-of-state visitors is only possible with the right marketing strategies. What every resort needs is a targeted campaign specifically designed to reach potential tourists, wherever they might be. Here are five strategies to transform any ski resort from a beloved local spot into a top destination. 

    Marketing as a Ski Resort Tourist Destination

    Establishing a ski resort as a tourist destination involves some of the same marketing strategies that might already be at play, but with some key differences. Here’s what to keep in mind:

    Define target markets

    Identify key markets in other states and countries with a high potential for tourism. If there aren’t specific markets that come to mind, analyze first-party data to see where past visitors have come from. If a high percentage of customers have visited from a particular city or region, that indicates an easy to penetrate market that should be the focus of a campaign.

    Map showing major markets as part of strategies for out-of-state tourists

    Refine messaging

    To optimize marketing and stand out from competitors, it’s important to identify needs that might attract a target audience, such as escaping high heat, or getting out of the city. Think in terms of keywords that encapsulate the experiences offered, such as “luxury,” “nature retreat,” and “romantic getaway.” Also highlight aspects of the resort that will really appeal to out-of-state tourists. 

    Customize promotions and packages

    Utilizing research and first-party data, create discounts, experiences, and other incentive packages that might appeal to tourists from the target regions. For example, a package promoting a “Weekend Nature Getaway” could drive customers from a city who are looking for a greener change of scenery.

    Launch regionally targeted campaigns

    Similar to how media buys, social media, and influencers might be used in a regional market, these campaigns can be expanded to target out-of-state markets. Even better, urban and state-wide markets will have even more opportunities to advertise than in the area immediately around the resort, so it can be exciting to experiment with strategy. 

    Partner with travel sites and agencies

    Expand the impact of the discounts, packages, and promotions created for a target market by also offering them to travel agencies and tourism sites. Travel agencies and the advertiser relations reps may also have additional insight into what promotions and incentives work best for the target markets. Also, don’t neglect the local tourism boards of these regions. While their primary goal is to bring tourists to their own region, they may be open to cross-promotion with out-of-state partners. 

    Power Marketing: A Destination for Ski Resort Promotion

    Any ski resort has what it takes to become a desirable tourist destination — it just requires cultivating what makes that location attractive, and an effective strategy to reach the right customers. Power Marketing has deep expertise in ski resort media buying, digital marketing, and other strategies for generating new leads and building a loyal customer base. Get in touch with the team to learn more.