• 5 Ways to Align Your Paid Media and Email Strategies

    Paid media and email marketing are key channels used to create brand awareness through digital marketing strategies. Paid media enables targeted exposure through channels like video ads, pop-ups, and sponsored social media posts, allowing businesses to reach specific audiences and generate immediate visibility. Meanwhile, email marketing directly conducts personalized outreach to potential and existing customers, nurturing relationships, fostering loyalty, and driving more conversions.

    Both paid media and email marketing are fully trackable from day one, and by making sure these two channels complement each other, marketers can amplify the results of both. Here’s how to align paid media and email strategies for more conversions and better engagement.

    Refine Audience Segmentation

    Use data from both paid media and email marketing engagement to segment audiences more effectively and precisely. With insight into the ads that customers click on, and what products they show the most interest in, it’s easier to target them with relevant content or make more personalized offers. Personalized engagement based on customer interests and behavior also further improves conversions.

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    Standardize Messaging and Design Across Channels

    Brand elements like value propositions, unique tones, and a specific language are all important to defining a company’s identity. Brands that keep this consistent across all of their channels, including paid media and email marketing campaigns, will strengthen their identity, as well as brand recall. Reinforcing this strong sense of brand identity by maintaining tonal, visual, and stylistic cohesion will have a direct impact on sales. 

    Cross-Promote Email on Paid Media

    Paid media can promote more than specific products — it can also drive newsletters subscriptions and other signups that bring leads into the funnel. Pairing signups with exclusive offers, discounts, and other incentives can bolster click rates even more. And since email subscriptions are easier to get than sales conversions, these paid media campaigns will generally be more successful than straightforward product promotions, and open the door to long-term ROI.

    Retarget Paid Media Leads with Email Marketing

    When possible, develop and send nurture email campaigns to follow up with leads generated by paid media. When users click on a video or social media ad, retargeting them with a relevant email can remind them about the product they showed interest in or even incentivize their purchase with limited-time sales. Either way, retargeting leads with email will help them stay in the funnel for potential future conversions.

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    Test Various Strategies to Enhance Alignment

    It’s important for paid media and email marketing teams to regularly share all of the customer and engagement data they collect through each of their campaigns. Combining knowledge will help unearth deeper insights that allow both teams to optimize their strategies and improve results across both channels. Improving collaboration between the teams can also facilitate testing different marketing strategies. Nothing improves alignment between teams more than actually experimenting with and optimizing new strategies together. 

    Bolster Email Marketing With Expert Paid Media Campaigns

    Email marketing and paid media are critical elements of every digital marketing strategy. It’s important to make the most of every campaign, including leveraging expert support. Power Marketing has decades of experience in paid media, so internal teams can focus on maximizing their email marketing campaigns. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help.