• Everything You Need to Know About Ad Analytics in 2023

    Every modern brand is leveraging some form of marketing analytics to engage their target audiences. In 2023, changes in process and regulation — particularly the loss of third-party data and the influx of consumer privacy legislation — are pushing you as a marketer to master your analytics now more than ever.

    Brands need to ensure they’re properly measuring ad performance and tracking attribution to get the most out of their analytics infrastructure. In doing so, digitally aligned companies will be far more effective at reaching and speaking to their audiences to maximize their ROI. 

    3 Factors for Data Usage in Marketing

    Implementing Ad Analytics

    Ad analytics is a fast-growing industry with numerous big-name technology companies offering state-of-the-art tools. When selecting a partner — whether it’s Google, HubSpot, Moat, or countless others — be sure the solutions you implement fit well within your existing marketing infrastructure and focus on the information your brand really needs.

    Certain platforms are better designed for businesses in a B2B space, while others offer extensive data-gathering options that — while seemingly enticing — are far too costly and better suited to enterprise-level brands. Consider what your advertising goals are for the near-term future and invest in an analytics solution accordingly.

    Perfecting Ad Measurement

    Having a transparent view of ad performance is crucial for brands to determine which messaging and ad specs are having the most impact on their audience. However you collect your analytical data, make sure your tools for measuring performance are accurate to a T and give you the most holistic picture of your ads possible.

    When ad measurement is accurate and up-to-date, you have a lot more flexibility to test different ad types and optimize your marketing. Leverage your performance data to run A/B tests of similar content, explore messaging tweaks, and even find the perfect aesthetic for your brand — all thanks to a measurement infrastructure that gives you the insights you need.

    Pinpointing Ad Attribution

    Omnichannel marketing campaigns are essential for modern brands to reach as wide an audience as possible, but how can they know which ads are driving customers to them? With pinpoint ad attribution, you’ll get a better concept of where your audience spends their time online and the right channel mix to get the most out of your ad buy.

    Once you know how customers are finding you, you can optimize your marketing spend to focus on the channels that benefit your brand the most. In particular, multi-touch attribution helps determine the value of each touchpoint in a customer journey, giving brands a holistic view of how individuals are moving along the experience. This advanced attribution method helps marketers track omnichannel campaigns for a better understanding of their audience’s shopping and navigation behavior, which enables businesses to optimize the customer journey, leading to faster purchases.

    Power Marketing Takes Action on Ad Analytics

    With over 20 years of experience producing fresh and engaging marketing material, Power Marketing is an ideal partner for taking your results derived from ad analytics and incorporating those insights into your next big campaign. Our top creative minds can apply insights in innovative ways to bring to life eye-catching, audience-wowing ads that put your brand on the map.

    For more information on how we can optimize your data-driven insights through marketing, reach out today.