• Master Marketing on Streaming Platforms with These Smart Tips

    Streamers are still a relatively new type of media platform, but the landscape has changed dramatically since Netflix first launched its video-on-demand service in 2007. Now, the company has broken its vow to never have advertising, launching its first ad-supported streaming tier. Major streamers like Disney+, Paramount+, and Peacock are making a concerted effort to drive customers to their own ad-supported tiers as well, presenting significant opportunities for marketing with streaming platforms.

    The age of streaming advertising is here, and as more and more platforms begin to prioritize a shift to their ad-supported tiers, brands will have fresh opportunities to reach potential customers. But it’s critical to approach streaming marketing the right way. Here are some key strategies for advertisers to maximize their ROI in this new frontier:

    5 Tips for Marketing With Streaming Platforms

    1. Create ads that feel native to streamers

    To maximize the impact of marketing with streaming platforms, it’s important for streaming ads to integrate seamlessly with the platform’s content and style. Advertisers should craft ads that match the format, tone, and aesthetic of the streamer’s library — even down to the show viewers are watching — to create a smoother transition between the content they were watching and the ad.

    Native advertising blends in with the user experience, making it less intrusive and more engaging. Brands that plan on using the same assets for streamers that they do for YouTube, social media videos, and other channels should keep the demands of TV ads in mind and plan productions accordingly.

    2. Incorporate interactive elements

    When marketing on streaming platforms, elements like clickable links, buttons, or calls to action can significantly enhance viewer engagement, encouraging viewers to interact with brands or learn more about their product or service.

    Recently, Smartwater even added purchasing ability to their streaming ads on the Freevee app. By adding interactive features, passive viewers transform into active participants, and brands stand out dramatically compared to traditional TV ads. Brands should note that while these placements tend to be more expensive or require a higher minimum spend, the ROI comes by way of higher viewer engagement.

    3. Keep ad placement in mind

    Many streamers’ targeting capabilities are on par with ad platforms on social media and YouTube. Brands can take advantage of their precision to target the most relevant consumers, but shouldn’t forget the importance of context.

    In addition, advertisers should try to avoid unflattering brand associations with controversial or misaligned content. For example, family-friendly brands might want to avoid promotions during extremely violent or mature streaming shows or movies — finding much better luck with programming aimed at all ages or younger audiences.

    Chart showing attention span on 15, 30 and 60 second spots

    4. Be concise

    Brevity is key in the world of streaming, where audiences have notoriously short attention spans. When marketing with streaming platforms, brands should keep messaging concise and to the point, delivering their core message quickly and effectively to grab the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds of an ad.

    A key best practice is to follow the same rules as advertising on YouTube to maximize engagement and minimize disruption for the audience. This can lower costs while increasing engagement and conversion rates with quick, eye-catching placements that delight without distracting.

    5. Cap ad frequency

    After years getting used to uninterrupted streaming, ad fatigue is a real concern for viewers on streaming platforms. Minimizing irritation is critical to maintaining a positive experience for viewers, so it’s important for brands to limit how frequently their ads appear to targets during a specific piece of streaming content.

    Avoiding excessive repetition reduces the risk of viewers tuning out or becoming frustrated, helping ensure ads remain effective and streamers continue to view the brand positively. Few things are worse for a brand than being associated with interrupting their audience’s favorite TV show.

    Expert Support for Marketing With Streaming Platforms 

    Marketing with streaming platforms unleashes a wealth of possibilities for advertisers, but technology, capabilities, and trends are changing quickly. Harnessing the full potential of this moment requires expert guidance and support to keep up with changing times. The team at Power Marketing has over two decades of experience in all things digital, including marketing with streaming platforms. Get in touch to learn more about our services.