• Master These 2023 Marketing Trends to Drive Growth and Scalability

    Some expected recession forecasts and lack of major events — no Olympics, World Cup, or elections this year — to negatively impact ad spend in 2023. But while ad spend is still slower post-pandemic, it’s predicted to increase both nationally and globally this year. 

    This trend may be proof that smart brands never slash their marketing budgets during times of crisis. Instead of taking a reactive approach, they’re proactive, refusing to halt product development or let layoffs spook them. Successful organizations continue to build brand trust, increase advertising efforts, and optimize the right AdTech solutions to drive innovation and productivity — no matter what’s happening around them.

    To mimic their initiatives and stay ahead of your competition, here are three 2023 marketing trends you should prioritize.

    Gen Z are 1.6 times more likely to prefer engaging through digital channels than Baby Boomers
    But 43% of customers still prefer non-digital channels
    credit salesforce.com State of the Connected Customer 5th edition

    1.   Personalized Messaging

    In addition to friendly service and high-quality products, 56% of consumers expect brands to create personalized experiences. This popular 2023 marketing trend helps build brand awareness, drive engagement, and boost customer loyalty, resulting in repeat sales and increased profitability over time.

    One of the best ways to personalize messaging via display, video, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads is with programmatic advertising. By leveraging technology to automate buying and selling digital ads, you can adjust your target audience based on interests or geographic location, etc. — and then deliver relevant, compelling content across search engines and social media platforms. Powered by programmatic advertising, personalization will make your customers feel valued and understood.

    2.  Media Planning

    Collecting and analyzing consumer data to design engaging ad campaigns that resonate with your audience is only half the battle. For optimal results, you need to consistently place those ads in front of the right people at the right place and time — which is where media planning comes in. 

    Media planning is the process of tracking and analyzing audiences and channels to identify when and where you should advertise to maximize ROI. This helps you better understand your customer base to remain competitive in an ever-evolving, highly saturated digital world. With it, you can improve brand awareness, track and manage your campaign budget, maintain audience attention, and continually measure ad results to make changes. 

    Best of all, this 2023 marketing trend allows you to explore new channels with less competition and lower cost-per-click rates — thanks to cut ad budgets — that better cater to your key demographics. For the best results, try partnering with an agency that specializes in media planning.

    3.   Streaming TV Advertising

    image of clouds with a play buttonAs streaming TV services continue to grow in popularity, so does streaming TV advertising. Advertising on streaming services enables you to reach more consumers as streaming viewership has surpassed cable consumption. It’s also more cost-effective than advertising on traditional linear TV. By targeting only the audiences relevant to your business with tailor-made ads, you’re likely to get more conversions for less of an investment.

    These 2023 marketing trends primarily involve optimizing existing processes and tech solutions to help you plan ahead and measure your efforts. Then it’s easier to build captivating campaigns that turn browsers into buyers.

    If you’re unsure exactly how to get your 2023 marketing trends off the ground, reach out to Power Marketing. We have all the tips and tricks you need to grow your advertising efforts this year.