• Off-Season Marketing 101: A Guide For Ski Resorts

    Ski seasons are typically limited to less than half a year, but that doesn’t mean resorts should simply shut down during the summer months. Many ski resorts offer a variety of activities once summer blooms have replaced snow-packed mountains, so what does it take to convince customers to visit during those warmer months? And how can ski resorts use their summers to improve winter sales? 

    Off-season marketing is essential for maintaining sales during slow seasons and laying the groundwork for greater revenue during busy seasons. Here are four off-season marketing strategies for improving your year-round attendance. 

    4 Off-Season Marketing Strategies

    1. Promote summer activities

    The mountainous terrain around ski resorts can appeal to everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to families year-round — if they know what’s available to them. Promote hiking trails, wildflower blooms, and other experiences that are unique to the resort during summer months for the chance to draw people in who aren’t necessarily interested in skiing or snowboarding. Using off-season marketing to raise brand awareness for your resort as a summer destination can even potentially convert off-season visitors into skiers or snowboarders at a later date.

    2. Host festivals and special events

    Summer is synonymous with outdoor picnics, games, concerts, and other special events — and your resort could be the ideal place to host them. Partner with local community organizations and other businesses to utilize your ski resort as an event location. This will bring people in while raising brand awareness for your facilities and amenities, and potentially attract new customers when winter returns. 

    3. Incentivize season passes

    Offering early bird discounts on season passes, VIP perks, and other membership options as an off-season marketing campaign will help generate revenue ahead of winter, as well as reward customer loyalty. These same passes can also enhance some of the off-season activities and events offered at your resort. For example, attendees of a summer event may automatically become eligible for a discounted season pass or lift ticket. Season passes could also be offered as a raffle item or prize at a summer festival. Promoting this in your off-season marketing campaigns could drive higher attendance.

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    4. Leverage influencers

    Tap into your customer base, as well as outdoor and ski communities, to find potential collaborators for influencer campaigns. By hosting well known and trusted influencers during those slower months, you can reach new audiences to maximize brand awareness and conversions. Content creation can also help show potential visitors first-hand what their trip could look like during summer months, inspiring them to book during your off-season.

    Elevate your off-season with Power Marketing

    While winter sports enthusiasts all over the world look forward to the snow every year, off-season marketing lays the groundwork for a successful ski season. The best way to ensure optimal results from your marketing is to partner with a media agency that specializes in ski resort marketing.

    Power Marketing has over 20 years of experience strategizing and executing digital marketing campaigns, social media engagements, advertising campaigns, and more for some of the most beloved and sought after ski resorts in the U.S. Get in touch with our team to learn about what Power Marketing can do for you.