• Ski Resort Marketing: 3 Trends That Will Affect Your Strategy in the New Year

    From video demos and personalized email promotions to snow condition text messages, 2022 has been a busy year for ski resort marketers. They’ve taken risks, embraced new technologies, and tried their hand at fun, innovative ways to speak to new and existing consumers.

    But what marketing trends will last? More importantly, how can you implement them to help your resort stand out from the competition? Here’s how a few 2022 trends are slated to affect your ski resort marketing strategy in the new year.

    1.   Digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads

    DOOH advertising — projected to reach a market volume of $21.62 billion by 2027 — allows marketers to run engaging, cost-effective ads that reach audiences outside their homes through digital displays at malls, bus stops, and sports stadiums. DOOH ads help brands tell compelling stories to boost brand awareness and connect with consumers through high-resolution images, animation, and multiple screens.

    One way you can use DOOH advertising in your ski resort marketing is by giving a detailed picture of your resort’s amenities and activities — like snow-ga, luxury spa facials, or spin classes at a state-of-the-art indoor gym. For both existing and prospective consumers, eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing DOOH ads illustrate your resort’s appeal.

    2.   Streaming TV ads

    With more than 200-plus options, it’s no surprise streaming TV advertising is one of the most effective ways to market any brand. Streaming ads, which typically run between 15 and 30 seconds, receive high view rates, provide data-driven insight (such as when, where, and on what type of device ads were seen), improve brand awareness, and target several audiences, including those who no longer watch traditional TV. Best of all, these commercial breaks are typically limited to two or three ads, combatting ad fatigue while keeping brand messaging top of mind.

    To use streaming TV ads in your ski resort marketing, consider speaking to some of your unique features, such as family-friendly events or year-round activities. Perhaps your resort offers competitive group packages or contactless, customer self-service capabilities, like the ability to book ski rentals or order room service on your phone without having to interact with a human. By highlighting these perks in streaming TV ads, you can emphasize how much you value a positive customer experience.

    3.   Animated videos

    We love instant ramen too, but we love skiing more!Animated video ads — either 2D and 3D — perform up to 33 percent better than static ads, making them a must-have addition to your 2023 ski resort marketing plans. These fun, entertaining ads use color, text, and bold imagery to grab consumers’ attention, make straightforward ideas more interesting, improve conversion rates, and set brands apart.

    For your 2023 marketing strategy, try incorporating animation into your ads, whether you’re showcasing testimonials from past guests, ski safety tips or even your resort’s environmental initiatives. Say, for example, your resort is fully wind- or solar-powered or distributes free, branded reusable water bottles to all guests instead of single-use plastic ones. Creating an animated video about why and how your resort tries to reduce emissions and waste to the surrounding area can help you tackle this important subject in an engaging way that shows personalizes your resort.

    Ski resorts marketers have more options than ever to reach customers. With so many choices in the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. An experienced partner like Power Marketing can offer all tools you need to fill your rooms and slopes.