• Billboards + Dear Member Campaign

    COVID-19 completely rocked our world in March 2020. Many of us found ourselves in situations we never thought we’d be in, including scrambling to find toilet paper! As life changed, and as the Novel Coronavirus dominated the news cycle, our client and the credit union STCU saw a need to bring some words of encouragement and some much-needed humor into our communities.

    Working with our team at Power Marketing, STCU was able to implement the “Dear Member” campaign throughout the Inland Northwest. 

    Designed to highlight key segments of their membership base, the “Dear Member” campaign used outdoor advertising to broadcast heartfelt and humorous messages across Spokane, Washington, Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, Washington (Tri-Cities), and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We reviewed outdoor billboard locations to identify high traffic areas to ensure that the messages were seen by commuters across each market, found other ways to display content when available inventory was limited, and used a combination of static boards and digital screens in this “blanket the city” approach.

    The response? Overwhelmingly positive. With messages like, “To our 283 members who work at Costco, thanks for the toilet paper,” and “To our 251 members who work at USPS, thanks for delivering to us – even when we don’t shower,” it’s easy to see why this campaign resonated with people – it was relatable and timely. It also gave us a reason to smile during a difficult time.

    While billboards are considered a traditional media that has been around for a long time, using relevant messaging and placement still makes them an incredibly effective way to reach people. As with any marketing campaign, it’s all about knowing your audience, understanding your market, and producing quality content. 

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