• What Marketers Should Know About the Difference Between Terrestrial and Streaming Audio

    From catchy jingles to immersive storytelling, there’s a charm to audio ads that can bring a brand to life. As marketers explore this medium, they’ll soon encounter two options: terrestrial and streaming audio. But what’s the difference between the two? 

    Explore the nuances between terrestrial and streaming audio and, more importantly, discover how they can turbocharge a brand’s growth here. 

    What is terrestrial audio?

    Terrestrial audio, or traditional radio, is the oldest form of electronic media. Using signals transmitted over the airwaves, terrestrial audio reaches listeners via AM/FM channels. 

    People often associate music with terrestrial radio, but it also encompasses talk shows, news, and local content. Unsurprisingly, its audience is often skewed toward an older, loyal demographic that values local content and will tune in during commutes or as background noise.

    However, advertising on terrestrial audio comes with restrictions, such as strict time limits and adherence to FCC regulations. 

    Terrestrial Audio Best Practices

    When using terrestrial audio, remember to:

    • Have a local focus: Shape content to resonate with local audiences.
    • Use a time-slot strategy: Capitalize on peak listening times, such as morning or evening commutes, for maximum impact.
    • Create creative content: Keep ads engaging within the brief time allowed.
    • Include a clear call to action: Direct listeners to specific products or services.

    What is streaming audio?

    Streaming audio, the modern counterpart to traditional radio, streams digital audio content via the internet — think Spotify, Apple Music, or online radio. 

    Unlike terrestrial audio, streaming audio offers a global reach and an audience of younger, tech-savvy listeners who often seek personalized content. 

    While streaming audio offers highly targeted advertising opportunities based on listener data, such as their interests, behaviors, and demographics, marketers may face challenges with ad blockers and subscription models that provide ad-free experiences.

    Streaming Audio Best Practices

    Effective strategies for streaming audio include:

    • Data-driven targeting: Craft personalized ads using rich listener data gathered from streaming platforms’ user analytics and preferences.
    • Interactive elements: Engage users with interactive ad features, like clickable links or voice-activated commands. 
    • Diverse content: Experiment with various content forms for greater impact, such as sponsored playlists, branded podcasts, or ad breaks in streaming services.
    • Engagement tracking: Use analytics to refine the approach to advertising.

    How to Leverage Both Terrestrial and Streaming Audio in Your Marketing Strategy

    Blending terrestrial and streaming audio is key to maximizing a brand’s reach and impact. 

    After all, terrestrial audio offers local, broad-based reach, while streaming audio provides targeted, global exposure. Together, they ensure a comprehensive approach that caters to different age groups and lifestyles.

    But how can marketers create seamless terrestrial and streaming audio strategies that will compel audiences to tune in instead of out?

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    Allocate budget strategically. Terrestrial audio can be more cost-effective for local campaigns, while streaming might require a higher investment for its targeting capabilities. Balance spending to get the best of both worlds.

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    Consistent branding, diverse messaging. Maintain consistent branding across both platforms but diversify messaging to suit the unique characteristics of each. The core message should be the same, but the delivery can vary.

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    Explore seasonal and event-based targeting. Use terrestrial audio for broad-reach campaigns during local events or holidays, and streaming audio for targeted campaigns during specific global events or seasons.

    Amplify Your Marketing Success With Power Marketing

    Whether through the traditional charm of terrestrial radio or the tailored appeal of streaming audio, consider launching a campaign that will resonate powerfully with diverse audiences. 
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