• 3 Ski Resort Broadcast TV Tactics We Love

    Skiier skiing down a hill with powder

    As winter weather ushers in the ski season, it’s the ultimate time to unleash your marketing tactics and start attracting visitors to your resort. But with the ski industry booming, you’ll need to think outside the box to guarantee your ski resort is the first place visitors think of when they want to hit the slopes.

    One ski resort marketing channel to add to your media mix? Broadcast TV.

    Why Broadcast TV?

    Although digital marketing has dominated the conversation in recent years, there’s no denying broadcast TV still has a place in ski resorts’ marketing mix:

    On average, adults in the U.S. spend more than three hours watching broadcast TV every day, with broadcast TV reaching 95% of households.

    Broadcast TV saw a 19% increase in advertising dollars in January 2022 compared to 2021. Experts predict the budget spent on broadcast TV ads will hold steady at approximately $65 to $68 billion through 2026.

    Traditional media channels, including broadcast TV, perform better than digital channels when it comes to reach, engagement, and attention relative to costs.

    It’s clear: digital marketing hasn’t replaced traditional media; instead, they play complementary roles in the ski resort marketing funnel. 

    If you’re ready to build brand awareness and drive more visitors to your resort this winter, make sure to keep these three tactics in mind.

    1.   Use broadcast TV to attract top-of-funnel audiences

    Like most traditional marketing channels, broadcast TV is perfect for reaching a large, top-of-funnel audience who may be unfamiliar with your brand. This gives you an opportunity to introduce what you have to offer, even before they have a chance to think about booking their next vacation.

    However, because you’re targeting different audiences spanning different ages, genders, and interests, you should keep your campaign as broad as possible to help viewers relate to your ad and even imagine themselves at your resort. This might mean showcasing various activities or amenities beyond skiing or snowboarding, such as dining out, tubing, or simply relaxing in a hot tub.

    2.   Repurpose your broadcast TV ad for other channels

    When viewers engage with branded content across different devices and channels, they’re more likely to remember your brand. As a result, don’t leverage broadcast TV as a standalone media channel; instead, make it one component of an omnichannel ski resort marketing campaign.

    So, once you successfully attract prospects with your broadcast TV ad, make sure to continue engaging with them and pushing them further down the funnel — this way, you’ll be able to continue building trust as they consider making a purchase decision. For example, you can repurpose elements of your ad for mid- to bottom-funnel digital channels, such as social media and paid search.

    You can also repurpose different parts of your ad (and sprinkle in any additional b-roll footage) to make it more relevant for more specific audiences, such as a skiing aficionado or a family researching different memorable, child-friendly vacation options.

    3.   Localize your broadcast TV campaign

    winter experienceWhen running a broadcast TV campaign, localize your creative to ensure it resonates with audiences in different places.

    For example, you might consider promising “a winter experience” in geographical areas that never see snow while using more skiing and snowboarding-focused copy and visuals in locations with an established winter sports culture.  

    The best way to drive results from a broadcast TV campaign is by partnering with a media buying agency, like Power Marketing, that specializes in ski resort marketing. Not only can we help you design, launch, and optimize a successful campaign, but our strong media relationships ensure you unlock the best rates and ROIs. Learn more.