• 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Black Friday Marketing

    Black Friday has for decades been one of the most important days for retailers and CPG brands, representing the official kick off of the holiday shopping season — and the highest sales volumes of the year. A report by Adobe Analytics found that consumers spent over $9.12 billion on Black Friday in 2022. And historically, during the entire week of Black Friday, CPG brands tend to see a 20% increase in sales. How well a company performs during Black Friday will have a significant impact on their bottom line for the year. With so much pressure on maximizing revenue during this time, it’s critical to develop and execute a solid Black Friday marketing strategy. Here are some Black Friday marketing strategies to get your sales moving in the right direction. 

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    5 Black Friday Marketing Tips

    Paid media is one of the best ways to drive sales for the start of the holiday season. Here’s what to do…

    Highlight Specific Promotions

    Target niche audiences with exclusive Black Friday deals and discounts that are relevant to them already through remarketing, email, or abandon cart data. When customers are interested in a specific item that’s now being discounted, there will be a greater sense of urgency to move forward with the purchase while a deal is in play!

    Retarget Product Ads to Highlight Black Friday Discounts

    Consumer attention is stretched thin, so frequent reminders are key to closing sales. Strategically retargeting people with a history of interacting with your website or app will allow you to remind them of the incredible discounts available during Black Friday sales. This technique could help drive a final sale for those who have abandoned cart and now realize the item, tickets, etc. are discounted. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of conversion and contributes to a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

    Capture Paid Search Keywords Early

    Paid keywords are valuable real estate in the fight for Black Friday sales. The sooner you decide on your marketing strategy, the sooner you can start claiming territory and establish a strong online presence for consumers searching for deals. This not only improves your visibility, but it also makes ad campaigns more cost-effective and impactful.

    Invest in Paid Social

    Even if planning to shop in person, consumers still plan their Black Friday excursions based on digital promotions and advertising. Use the microtargeting capabilities of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach the exact audience you want to drive real-life sales. Digital promotions are also inherently easier for consumers to share with friends and family than more traditional radio or TV ads.  

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    Pay for Guide Placements

    Websites like BlackFriday.com have capitalized on consumer interest in savings by publishing digital guides to help readers find the products and sales they’re looking for. Identify these consumer-facing guides and deal aggregators, and reach out for placement in their materials. By securing ads in these guides, you can keep your brand top-of-mind when it comes time for consumers to plan their shopping strategy. Remember to search the paid keywords you’re targeting to identify guides most that are relevant to your brand.

    Maximize Black Friday Marketing With Power Marketing

    The success or failure of your Black Friday marketing strategy can have a major impact on your annual revenue. That’s why it’s so important to leverage expert help for your campaign.

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