• Power Marketing’s Top 5 Resources For Staying Updated on Marketing Trends

    The key to being a successful marketer is knowing what people are talking about, where they’re spending their time, and most importantly — what’s coming next. By always keeping a finger on the pulse, we help our clients build better campaigns that deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and place.

    To stay ahead of these trends, our team relies not only on our pre-existing expertise and personal experiences as consumers but also on the latest industry resources. Here are some of our favorites.

    Screenshot of The Current

    The Current

    What it is: An e-newsletter distributed by The Trade Desk — each week, it delivers the biggest stories, key trends, and critical analyses on the future of digital marketing.  

    Why we love it: Its focus on paid media. The Current frequently dives into topics such as the future of TV (including connected TV), up-and-coming advertising channels, and other data-driven strategies. Having deeper insight into these relevant must-knows impacts how we make campaign messaging, targeting, and budgeting decisions for our clients every day.

    Screenshot of AdAge

    Ad Age

    What it is: The go-to industry publication covering all things marketing, advertising, digital, media, and agency. It’s the first place everyone goes when there’s breaking industry news, when they’re searching for behind-the-scenes details on a memorable Super Bowl ad, or when they’re curious about the outcome of the latest agency reshuffle.  

    Why we love it: Ad Age covers everything we need to know about the latest campaigns, industry news, and consumer trends — it’s also the best way to learn about what strategies top brands and agencies are pursuing, which new technological innovations to explore, and how broader issues (like the sociopolitical landscape or looming financial concerns) are affecting the industry. Our team also loves the app, which lets us stay updated while on the go.

    Screenshot of IAB


    What it is: A trade association that connects and provides training services to leading media companies, agencies, and tech firms. It also curates a fantastic e-newsletter, blogs, and other resources on the advertising landscape.

    Why we love it: It’s a comprehensive place for media-related research studies, reports, and whitepapers conducted by both IAB and sourced from its member companies. It also compiles revenue and ad spend reports that provide us with industry benchmarks for internet advertising revenues and a peek into the overall digital advertising ecosystem.

    The Skimm screenshot


    What it is: A website that recaps all of the biggest stories, from the latest policies passed in Washington to the most popular products everyone’s eyeing. Launched a decade ago, the site is designed to help women make more confident decisions by giving them all of the information they need, all in a concise, catchy, and relatable voice.

    Why we love it: Although theSkimm is not a marketing-exclusive outlet, it provides our team with valuable information on what’s happening in the world — crucial when we’re responsible for making relatable, authentic, and timely advertising decisions for our clients. Plus, as a women-owned and women-majority team, we love supporting purpose-driven endeavors from other women.

    Screenshot of Smart Agency Master Class

    Smart Agency Master Class

    What it is: A weekly podcast to help agencies scale. Every week, the host interviews agency leaders who run successful businesses, providing their perspectives on topics such as how to be more innovative, ways to avoid agency owner burnout, and why being purpose-driven can help retain clients and employees.

    Why we love it: We’re always looking for opportunities and ideas on how to improve our agency. Keeping our employees and clients feeling supported and cared for as we grow is our No. 1 priority, and learning how others have successfully balanced business demands with our current culture is invaluable.

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