• How Being a Women-Led Marketing Agency Impacts Our Work

    Beginning in 2020, Power Marketing became a majority women-owned and operated agency. Being one of the few women-led media buying agencies in the country influences everything our team does, from how we help our clients resonate authentically with audiences to how we support our employees. It’s helped us recognize our responsibility to create a work culture where everyone feels valued, included, and supported — all while still having fun tackling the challenges that our clients throw us head on.

    Here’s a peek into how we lean into our culture of collaboration and care.

    A Critical Connection

    Research has found over and over again that consumers are most likely to feel an affinity toward brands that reflect who they are, what they enjoy, and what they value. Yet, despite women making between 70 and 80% of all buying decisions, there are few women at the helm of ad agencies — whose entire mission is to help brands connect with these buyers. 

    At our agency, our unique experiences and perspectives form the basis of our expertise. We know what it takes to create meaningful connections between brands and consumers in a way that feels authentic. We’re constantly looking for new ways to bring this insight into our strategic processes — whether it’s employing new storytelling techniques, identifying new media opportunities, or understanding what different audiences are looking for.

    Photograph of Dani Witte CEO and Jenny Threestars COO
    Dani Witte, CEO | Jenny Threestars, COO
    Photograph of Dani Witte CEO and Jenny Threestars COO

    Employees First

    As a business owner and a mother, trust me when I say that a supportive employer-employee relationship can be a total game-changer for your physical and mental health. Ensuring our team members achieve work-life balance — however they define it — is at the heart of how I lead my team.

    While I’m a big advocate for early planning and preparation, I also value flexibility. The more we can adapt to each person’s unique needs and circumstances, the better for all of us. This means frequently encouraging our employees to take the time to recharge and manage their workloads, providing hybrid work schedules, and offering generous paid time off policies. 

    Ultimately, supported employees are the most valuable employees. Empowering each team member to live their best life through mutual respect, resources, and open communication, brings about their best work.

    We Care

    One of our company’s core values is to be caring: for our clients, our coworkers, and the work we do. We don’t just want to build, launch, and manage campaigns on their behalf, but invest ourselves in their entire business. This means internalizing our clients’ needs, values, and culture during initial conversations and beyond.

    To do this, we prioritize constructive and honest communication with clients, partners, and team members that’s rooted in positive intent because we believe our best work comes from a place of honesty, trust, and transparency. At Power Marketing, we focus on leveraging empathy to form the foundation required for collective success; it’s why we’ve built a culture where everyone feels safe to voice their opinions, even if they don’t align with our own. We ask hard questions, challenge assumptions, and push each other to be better every day — without ever compromising on this care and respect. 

    We’re proud of what we do and how we do it. We’re not here to only create great work but to also have fun and build strong relationships in the process. 

    Yours in advertising,

    Dani Witte, CEO + Partner

    Power Marketing

    Photograph of Dani Witte CEO